Allt är inte nytt under solen.

Liten exposé över gamla och nya energiidéer. Undrar varför dom inte slog. Från The Guardian.

Sorry för att jag tog med så många - jag kunde bara inte låta bli.

1. An engineer displays a sheet of 'thin film' solar cells at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. Thin film solar panels, are relatively low in cost and are highly adaptable because of their flexibility, have quickly come to dominate the US market in the past two years
Green technologies: Thin film solar cells at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

2. Workers in a boat near an off-shore electricity generator based on wave power off Portugal's Atlantic coast near the northern town of Povoa de Varzim. Portugal has launched a wave-energy farm that uses floating tubes - their bobbing motion pumps hydraulic fluid to drive generators.
Green technologies: off-shore electricity generator, Pelamis, based on wave power, Portugal

3. 1990: Geothermal electrical power station at Wairakei, New Zealand
Green technologies: Power Station, Wairakei, New Zealand

4. One of the original Passive Houses at Darmstadt, Germany
Green technologies: One of the original Passive Houses at Darmstadt, Germany

5. 1975, Rosemount, Minnesota, USA: Solar panels collect energy from the sun atop the roof of a house designed by University of Minnesota architecture students. Another source of energy stands behind the house: a wind generator atop a 65 foot tower. Turf insulates the roof of the house, cooling it in summer and retaining heat in winter. Inside, a waterless toilet uses aerobic bacteria to break down waste within a period of six monthsGreen technologies: Student Designed Energy Efficient House

6. 1960, London: Charles Alexander Escoffery demonstrates how his solar-powered car, a 1912 Baker Electric Model, gets its energy from the solar panel on top of the car's roof
Green technologies: Dr. Charles Escoffery and Solar-Powered Car

7. Senators Edmund Muskie, foreground, and Warren G Magnuson demonstrate electric-powered scooters after a Senate hearing on early battery powered vehicles, 13 March 1967, Washington, USA
Green technologies: Senators on Electric Scooters

8. The inventor and physicist Thomas A Edison stands next to his American Barker electric car, circa 1895
Green technologies: Thomas A. Edison with his Electric Car

9. 1984: "Eggbeater" Windmills in Alameda County, California, USA
Green technologies:

10. 1941: A man adjusts a wind electric generator on the Calf of Man, a small island off the southern tip of the Isle of Man (dom pajade redan då)
Green technologies: Adjusting a Wind Generator

11. The Windmills display at the World Fair of 1893 in Chicago, which was a grand spectacle to celebrate the four-hundredth anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival.
Green technologies: The World fair of 1893, Chicago (Illinois, United

12. 1773: Franklin Stove diagram by Martinet. Benjamin Franklin is believed to have designed the first energy efficient stove. The Franklin circulating stove was said give off twice the amount of heat as a normal fireplace using much less wood. Wood fuel was beginning to run out in Philadelphia where Franklin lived.
Green technologies: Franklin Stove Diagram by Martinet

13. An undated illustration (circa 1870) of Captain John Ericsson's new solar engine, which used concave mirrors to gather sun radiation strong enough to run an engine
Green technologies: John Ericsson'S Solar Engine;Illust.

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